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9 - 11 June 2005 at Exit, the End of Year Show of Interaction Design Insititute Ivrea happening in Torino.
PerGames 2005 International Workshop on Pervasive Gaming Applications in Munich, Germany
April 14 2005:
The Greenhouse Effect – Work in Progress,
Stadio San Siro, Milan
I'm happy to introduce you here to all the fantastic people who in one way or another supported Neighbourhood Satellites taking off ground!

My advisors Ralph Ammer and Yaniv Steiner

Other faculty members: Simona Maschi, Massimo Banzi, Edoardo Brambilla and Jan-Christoph Zoels

Other students and friends: Nicholas Zambetti, David Mellis, Vinay Venkatraman, Kevin Haywood, Dana Gordon, James Tichenor, Aram Armstrong, Maya Lotan, Bernd Hitzeroth and Francesco Zannier
As we move through the city, mobile devices allow us to enjoy remote networking and immersion in personal entertainment. These preoccupations, however, lessen our sensitivity to what is happening directly around us, and often we learn about our own environmental conditions through mediated sources.
What if mobile technology could reconnect us to our surroundings by observing environmental data directly, data that had been obscured to us before?

With my thesis I hope to enable people for playful grass-roots monitoring, where the presence of contaminants in a community can be known and charted by anyone. These explorations would encourage a more conscious individual behaviour, spreading cumulatively to neighbouring communities.
Enjoy this video [10,3 MB]

Neighbourhood Satellites is a Masters Thesis project by Myriel Milicevic.
Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, 2005
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